Gifts From The Hills: North Central Louisiana Folk Traditions
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Gifts From the Hills: North Central Louisiana Folk Traditions

Top Row:

Left: Josie Sheldon, Haynesville, made this "Drunkard's Path" quilt from a friend's pattern (Cat. no. 12).

Middle: Arzona Bryant's canned string beans are set on the front porch to cool

Right: Nonie Waters, Saline, soaks cornshuck to soften them for twilling cord for a chair bottom.

Middle Row:

Left: George Jiles prefers plowing with a horse to his tractor in his garden.

Middle: The memory of the late Rev. V.L. Westbrook lives on in his white-oak baskets.

Right: Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Gray, Bernice, make lye soap which they will store in the large gourd.

Bottom Row:

Left: Victor Tabor, Spearsville, with help from Dennis Clark, hitches up his ponies to his homemade wagon for a Sunday afternoon ride.

Right: Rag rugs such as this one by Iza Tabor, Spearsville, are becoming rare with the popularity of carpets and inexpensive commercial rugs.

Bottom Left: Ethel Martin, Ruston, likes to make quilts with small intricate designs such as this "Small Double Wedding Ring" (Cat. no. 8).