Gifts From The Hills: North Central Louisiana Folk Traditions
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Gifts From the Hills: North Central Louisiana Folk Traditions

Top Row:

Left: Mitchell Shelton, Haynesville, plays and sings the blues.

Middle: Clonie Otwell, Pearidge, and his new jack prepare for plowing (background: Log double pen house built by Mr. Otwell's grandfather).

Right: Michael Greenfield, Litro, picks mayhaws from the backwater with a net.

Middle Row:

Left: Howard Henry, Wihite, hangs his handmade hoop nets out to dry (Cat. No. 133).

Middle: Sidney Reed, Pine Hill, weaves a basket bottom from white-oak.

Right: Fred Beavers, Choudrant fiddler, is joined by friends Tracy Tyler (l), grandson (c), Beth Stewart (r), and Lesley Raborn & Doc Chipmon (not shown) for a country music jam session.

Bottom Row:

Left: Sarah Albritton, Ruston, cooks dewberry juice for jelly (Cat. No. 152).

Middle: Families gather to remember their ancestors at Tulip Memorial Day in Claiborne Parish, where food is shared and graves are decorated.

Right: Rosie Jackson, Chatham, displays some of her "common", used for bedcovers (Cat. No. 5).