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Abboud, Elaine J.   1969.  Syrian-Lebanese Folklore in Louisiana, Particularly New Orleans.

Adam, Gaston Eugene .  1950.  Chansons françaises en Louisiane.

Adams, Ben A.   1939.  A Study of Indexes of Assimilation of the Creole People in New Orleans.

Alberts, John Bernard .  1998.  Origins of Black Catholic Parishes in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, 1718-1920.   Abstract available

Allain, Mathé .  1984.  French Colonial Policy in America and the Establishment of the Louisiana Colony.   Abstract available

Alleman, Elise A.   1951.  The Legend and History of the Place-names of Assumption Parish.

Allen, John Horton .  1951.  A Sociological Analysis of a Hungarian-American Community [Livingston Parish].

Alvarez, Andrés Salvador .  1973.  Religious Affiliation and Cultural Assimilation of Cuban Refugees in New Orleans.

Ancelet, Barry Jean .  1977.  "Je su's surement pas ein conteur de contes, mais…": Oral Literature of French Louisiana.

Ancelet, Barry Jean .  1984.  La truie dans la berouette: Étude comparée de la littérature orale en Louisiane francophone.

Anderson, Katharine .  1997.  Nature, Culture and Big Old Trees: Human Relationships with Ceiba (Ceiba pentandra) and Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) in the Landscapes of Guatemala and Louisiana.   Abstract available

Anthony, Arthe Agnes .  1978.  The Negro Creole Community in New Orleans, 1880-1920: An Oral History.

Arceneaux, Maureen G.   1982.  Acadian to Cajun: Population, Family and Wealth in Southwest Louisiana, 1765-1854.   Abstract available

Ardoin, Emily Ann .  2014.  Fais do-do to ‘Hippy Ti-Yo’: Dance Halls of South Louisiana.

Arena, Carmelo Richard .  1977.  A Social Study of the Spanish Land Tenure System in Spanish Louisiana, 1762-1803.

Armstead, Daphne D.   1994.  The U.S. Civil Rights Struggle of the 1960s: The Plaquemine Factor.

Arnesen, Eric .  1986.  Waterfront Workers of New Orleans: Race, Class and Politics, 1863-1923.   Abstract available

Aubert-Gex, Madeline .  1983.  A Lexical Study of the English of New Orleans Creoles Based on the Malin Questionnaire: A Thesis.

Babin, Lawrence Joseph .  1937.  A Glossary of the French Spoken on Grand Isle.

Babineaux, Lawson P., Jr.   1967.  A History of the Rice Industry in Southwest Louisiana.

Baiamonte, John V.   1972.  Immigrants in Rural America: A Study of the Italians of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Published as Immigrants in Rural America: A Study of the Italians of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, New York: Garland, 1990.

Baiamonte, John V.   1969.  New Immigrants in the South: A Study of Italians of Tangipahoa Parish.

Baird, Emay Buchanan .  1977.  The Revitalization of French in Louisiana: Language Policy and Language Strategy.

Bankole, Katherine Kemi .  1996.  An Afrocentric Analysis of Enslavement and Medicine in the Southeastern Parishes of Antebellum Louisiana.   Abstract available

Bankston, Lillian Evelyn .  1934.  The Louisiana Plantation as Seen through Literature.

Barnhill, Viron L.   1950.  A Linguistic Atlas-type Investigation in Western Louisiana.

Bates-Mims, Merelyn B.   1986.  Chez les Noirs: A Comparative-Historical Analysis of Pidgin and Creole Languages.   Abstract available

Bauer, Craig A.   1973.  A History of the City of Kenner, Louisiana.

Beasley, Cecily Reeves .  1976.  Creole and Afro-Creole Music of Louisiana: Its Origin and Influence.

Beasley, Leon Odum .  1957.  A History of Education in Louisiana during the Reconstruction Period, 1862-1877.

Becnel, Thomas Aquinas .  1962.  A History of the Louisiana Shrimp Industry, 1867-1961.

Bennett, Harold C.   1952.  Rural Social Areas of Louisiana.

Bennetts, David Paul .  1972.  Black and White Workers: New Orleans, 1880-1900.

Berchtold, Raimund .  1984.  The Decline of German Ethnicity in New Orleans, 1880-1930: A Thesis.

Bergeron, Maida Owens .  1978.  Language Maintenance and Shift in a Bayou Community.

Bernard, Lorene Marie .  1933.  A Study of Louisiana French in Lafayette Parish.

Bernard, Shane King .  1992.  Twistin' at the Fais Do-Do: The Roots of South Louisiana's Swamp Pop Music. Published as Swamp Pop: Cajun and Creole Rythym and Blues, Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1996.

Berry, Nora .  1935.  Place-names of Natchitoches Parish.

Betancourt, Rafael J.   1978.  The Latin Americans and Anglo-Americans of the Irish Channel: A Comparative Study of the Community Political Culture of a Lower Class Neighborhood.

Bienvenu, Charles Joseph .  1933.  The Negro French Dialect of St. Martin Parish.

Bienvenu, Germain Joseph .  1995.  Another America, Another Literature: Narratives from Louisiana's Colonial Experience.   Abstract available

Blackburn, LeDerick .  1998.  The Role of Faith-based Institutions in Community Development: A Case Study of the Jeremiah Group in New Orleans.

Blackshear, David .  1904.  The Louisiana People.

Blackshear, Emmett C.   1935.  Three Louisiana Plays: A Commentary.

Blanchet, Catherine Brookshire .  1970.  Louisiana French Songs among Children in Vermilion Parish, 1942-1954.

Blassingame, John W.   1971.  A Social and Economic Study of the Negro in New Orleans, 1860-1880. Published as Black New Orleans, 1860-1880, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1973.

Blume, George Terrill .  1952.  The Rural Churches of St. Helena Parish at Mid-century.

Bodin, Catherine C.   1987.  The Dialectal Origins of Louisiana Acadian French.   Abstract available

Boneno, Roselyn Bologna .  1986.  From Migrant to Millionaire: The Story of the Italian-American in New Orleans, 1880-1910.   Abstract available

Bono, Samuel Leo .  1996.  Italians in Antebellum New Orleans: The First Italian-American Community in the United States.

Booker, Dennis A.   1973.  Indian Identity in Louisiana: Two Contrasting Approaches to Ethnic Identity.

Bookout, Timmy Joe .  1987.  Traditional Basketmakers in the Southeastern and South Central United States.   Abstract available

Bordelon, Marjorie L.   1936.  A Study of a Rural Town in Louisiana [Cottonport].

Boudreaux, Anna M.   1969.  A Profile of the Folklore and Idiomatic Expressions of the French Language of the Kaplan Area of Vermilion Parish.

Boudreaux, Maydell Celima .  1947.  Food Preservation Methods Used by a Selected Group of One Hundred Rural Families in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.

Boulet, Ruth Meyer .  1977.  Cajuns during the Depression.

Bourgeois, Clotilde Julie .  1931.  A Critical Bibliography of Material on Louisiana and of Other Publications by Louisianians in the French Language in the LSU Library.

Bourgeois, Eugene Oliver .  1927.  Creole Dialect.

Bourque, Pamela Ann .  1990.  Southern Populism and Race: Re-evaluating Louisiana.

Bowie, Helen .  1927.  Bayou LaFourche.

Brandon, Elizabeth .  1955.  La paroisse de Vermilion: Moeurs, dictons, contes et légendes.

Brantley, Elizabeth .  1998.  Burial Dress of an 1850's Male: A Material Culture Study from South Louisiana.

Brasseaux, Carl .  1983.  The Founding of New Acadia: Reconstruction and Transformation of Acadian Society in Louisiana, 1765-1865. Published as The Founding of New Acadia, Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 1987 and Acadian to Cajun, Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1992.

Brassieur, Charles Ray .  1980.  A Preliminary Ethnographic Survey of the Atchafalaya Basin Area.

Braud, Debra Jean Towry .  1979.  A Study of Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Publication of the Federal Writers' Project.

Breaux, Pamela A.   1995.  The Folklore of Cane River and the Creoles of Color Who Live There.

Brehm, Julia Caroline .  1996.  Le "paradoxe de l'observateur": réflexion critique sur la méthode de l'enquête linguistique et essai de terrain en Louisiane francophone.

Brennan, Jonathan Bradford .  1997.  When Brer Rabbit Meets Coyote: African-Native American Literature.   Abstract available

Briede, Kathryn C.   1937.  A History of the City of Lafayette.

Brink, Florence Roos .  1930.  Literary Travellers in Louisiana between 1803 and 1860.

Brister, Elaine Holmes .  1948.  A History of Pineville, Louisiana. Published as Once upon a River: A History of Pineville, Louisiana, Baton Rouge: Claitor's, 1968.

Broussard, James FrancisLouisiana Creole Dialect. Published as Louisiana Creole Dialect, New York: Kennikat Press, 1972 [1942].

Broussard, Kathryn Anne .  1985.  The Economic Exploitation of Farm Women in Production Agriculture: An Analysis of Their Impact on Firm Structure, Resource Allocation and Income.

Broussard, Mamie Joyce .  1945.  The Creole and French of Lafayette, Louisiana: A Comparative Study.

Brown, Dorothy Louise .  1939.  Louisiana Costume from 1700-1900.

Brown, Phillip G. M.   1989.  Huddie Ledbetter.

Brown, Rebecca Ann .  1988.  Pronominal Equivalence in a Variable Syntax.   Abstract available

Bruce, Edwin N.   1947.  Westwego, Louisiana: A Community Study.

Buchanan, Ann Spotswood .  1931.  Some Things that Belong to the Early Days of Lafayette Parish.

Burns, Kerry Oliver .  1970.  Ouachita Parish Southern Baptists, 1800-1930.

Bush, Robert .  1957.  Louisiana Prose Fiction, 1870-1900.

Butler, James Augustine Jr.   1983.  Social and Demographic Factors Influencing Job Mobility Aspirations in an Industrializing Rural Community [Jena].   Abstract available

Butler, Melvin Arthur .  1968.  Lexical Usage of Negroes in Northeast Louisiana.

Byers, Bruce A.   1988.  Defining Norms for a Non-Standardized Language: A Study of Verb and Pronoun Variation in Cajun French.   Abstract available

Cabana, Regent .  1987.  From Rural Acadian of Acadia (Nova Scotia) to Suburban Cajun of Louisiana: The Impact of Urbanization - A Thesis.

Calais, Gayle Dolores .  1968.  The Acadian French of the Parks (St. Martin Parish), Louisiana Area.

Calcote, Sharon Anne .  1998.  Peopling the Process: A New Tourism Development Model Utilizing an Anthropological Approach.   Abstract available

Caldwell, Joan Garcia .  1975.  Italianate Domestic Architecture in New Orleans, 1850-1880.

Caldwell, Joe Louis .  1989.  A Social Economic and Political Study of Blacks in the Louisiana Delta, 1865-1880.   Abstract available

Caldwell, John Michael .  1975.  The Forest of the Vintage: A Geography of Industrial Lumbering in North Central Louisiana, 1890-1920.

Cale, Harriett Houston .  1949.  Cultural Life of New Orleans in the 1850's.

Calvert, Raymond Neil .  1986.  The German Catholic Churches of New Orleans, 1836-1898.

Campbell, Clara Lopez .  1971.  The Political Life of Louisiana Negroes, 1865-1890.

Cantor, Michael David .  1995.  Relief Activities of Jews in Louisiana during the Holocaust and the Emergence of a Jewish Identity.

Cantwell, Emmett Howell .  1965.  A History of the Choctaw Trading House, 1802-1822.

Carballo, Manuel .  1970.  A Socio-Psychological Study of Acculturation Assimilation: Cubans in New Orleans.

Carey, Addison C.   1971.  Black Political Participation in New Orleans.

Carey, Mary .  1933.  The History of Table Manners and Customs and Influence upon Manners and Customs of South Louisiana.

Carney, Raymond Edward .  1969.  The Depression in Natchitoches Parish, 1930-1934.

Carpenter, Gwendolynn Gail .  1972.  Social Dialects in Louisiana.

Carter, Albert E.   1947.  The Louisiana Negro and His Music.

Carter, Hugh C.   1935.  Problems of Adult Education Classes among the Hungarians and Italians in Tangipahoa and Livingston Parishes.

Chandler, Thomas W.   1985.  Spanish Town: Neighborhood as Place.

Chaudoir, Charles Cyrus .  1938.  A Study of the Grammar of the Avoyelles French Dialect.

Cheramie, David J.   1992.  "Quelques traits de plume": l'invention de l'image littéraire des Cadiens.

Chernoff, Susan K.   1980.  Creole Cuisine: A Fusion of Ethnic Cultures.

Claudel, Calvin André .  1947.  A Study of Louisiana French Folktales in Avoyelles Parish.

Clayton, Ronnie Wayne .  1974.  A History of the Federal Writers' Project in Louisiana.

Coco, Eunice Rebecca .  1933.  An Etymological Glossary of the Variants from Standard French used in Avoyelles Parish.

Coco, Patra M.   1932.  The Historic Paint Colors of Louisiana's French Creole Structures.

Cogburn, Julia Ann .  1995.  Women in the Cultural Community of New Orleans in the Late Nineteenth Century.

Cole, Lewis Lavell .  1968.  Levees in Louisiana prior to the Civil War.

Coleman, Linda P.   1911.  The Acadians.

Coles, Felice Anne .  1991.  Social and Linguistic Correlates to Language Death: Research from the 'Isleno' Dialect of Spanish.   Abstract available

Collard, Clyde V.   1973.  Role Perception of the Middle-Class Wife-Mother: A Rural-Urban Comparison.

Collins, John Joseph .  1904.  The People and Resources of North Louisiana.

Comeaux, Malcolm Louis .  1969.  Settlement and Folk Occupations of the Atchafalaya Basin. Published as Atchafalaya Swamp Life: Settlement and Folk Occupations, Geoscience and Man Series no. 2, Baton Rouge, LSU Museum of Geoscience, 1972.

Comminey, Shawn C.   1990.  Free People of Color: A History of Creoles and Mulattoes of African Ancestry in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1724-1865.

Conner, Ida Mae .  1938.  Food Consumed by a Family of Seven in South Louisiana: Calculated according to Cost, Quantity and Adequacy.

Conway, A. A.   1949.  New Orleans as a Port of Immigration, 1820-1860.

Conwell, Marilyn Jane .  1961.  Lafayette French Phonology: A Descriptive Comparative and Historical Study of a Louisiana French Dialect.

Cook, Philip Charles .  1965.  Antebellum Bienville Parish.

Cooksey, Sybil J.   1998.  Race-ing Space: Segregation as a Modernist Project in New Orleans.

Cotton, Delora Nance .  1978.  A Study of Migration Trends into Northeast Louisiana.

Count, Gloria Harriet .  1946.  Women in the Labor Force of Louisiana.

Courville, Cindy .  1978.  The Politics of Desegregation in St. Landry and Lafayette Parishes.

Craig, William Warnell .  1968.  Weekend and Vacation Recreational Behavior of a Negro Community in Louisiana: A Spatial Study.

Creed, David Arnold .  1969.  An Economic and Social History of Madison Parish.

Creel, William Bob .  1971.  Cuban Refugees of New Orleans: A Sociological Study.

Crosby, Jacqueline R.   1988.  Frontier Justice on the Texas-Louisiana Border in the Year 1770.   Abstract available

Crosby, Patricia Dunn .  1981.  The New Deal Art Projects in Louisiana.

Cunningham, Keith Kermit .  1976.  A Study of the Southern Folk Song Style Area Sweetheart Murder Ballad: The Search for an Oicoclass.

Daigle, Anna Theresa .  1934.  Folklore and Etymological Glossary of the Variants from Standard French in Jefferson Davis Parish.

Darden, Donna K.   1969.  A Study of Louisiana French Onomastics [Breaux Bridge].

Dauphine, James G.   1989.  Religion, Education and Louisiana's Cultural Boundary: 1880-1940. Published as A Question of Inheritance: Religion, Education, and Louisiana's Cultural Boundary, 1880-1940, Lafayette: Center for Louisiana Studies, 1993.   Abstract available

Dauphine, James G.   1983.  The Knights of the White Camelia in Louisiana, 1867 to 1869.

David, Marc .  1996.  Riziculture et Mardi Gras: L'organisation du travail et le carnaval rural dans la petite production marchande en Louisiane - le cas de la Prairie du Chêne, 1933-1995.   Abstract available

Davis, Jimmie .  1927.  Comparative Intelligence of Whites, Blacks and Mulattoes.

Davis, Londa Lavonne .  1981.  After Reconstruction: Black Politics in New Orleans, 1876-1900.

Davis, Nedra Sue .  1997.  Gutter Punks and College Students: The Sociosemiotics of Louisiana Tattooing in the 1990's.

Davoli, Elizabeth Lynn .  1996.  In the Name of Prevention: An Examination of Patent Medicines in Ethnic Communities in Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Century Louisiana.

Day, Sandra J.   1975.  Sociability and Creativity Aspects Related to Food in a South Louisiana Community.

De Blanc, Bertrand François .  1935.  A Glossary of Variants from Standard French Found in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana.

De Wolf, Mark A.   1997.  In the Eye of the Storm: Lafayette and the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1971.

Dee, Megan L.   1998.  Southern Belles and Ballots: Louisiana's Failure to Ratify the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.

Delambre, Jules W.   1969.  Brokership in a Rural Sub-community: A Study of Group Relations.

Detro, Randall .  1970.  Generic Terms in the Place Names of Louisiana: An Index to the Cultural Landscape.

Devore, Donald E.   1989.  Race Relations and Community Development: The Education of Blacks in New Orleans, 1862-1960.   Abstract available

Devore, Donald E.   1983.  The Rise from the Nadir: Black New Orleans between the Wars, 1920-1940.

Ditto, Susan C.   1990.  Maison Olivier: The Public and Private Life of a Creole Raised Cottage in the Longfellow-Evangeline Park, St. Martinville, Louisiana.

Doeren, Stephen Earl .  1978.  The Social Integrative Effect of Fairs and Festivals on Local Communities: A Study of the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Dollar, Susan E.   1994.  Freedmen's Bureau Schools of Natchitoches Parish, 1865-1868.

Dominguez, Virginia R.   1979.  Behind the Semantic Curtain: Social Classification in Creole Louisiana. Published as White by Definition: Social Classification in Creole Louisiana, New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1986.

Donald, Michael Beatty .  1982.  A Generation Removed: Life in a Rural Southern Community, 1895-1935 [Washington Parish].

Doorley, Michael .  1987.  The Irish and the Catholic Church in New Orleans, 1835-1918: A Thesis.

Dore, Alexander B.   1937.  The Louisiana Rice Industry.

Doucet, Carol James .  1970.  The Acadian French of Lafayette.

Douglas, Connie Woodruff .  1969.  A Linguistic Study of the English Used by New Orleans Speakers of Creole.

Douglas, Lillian .  1930.  Place-names of East Feliciana Parish.

Douglas, Meriel Lebrane .  1955.  Some Aspects of the Social History of Baton Rouge from 1830 to 1850.

Douglass, Jeannine E.   1991.  Steamboats and Slaves: Issues and Liability in Louisiana, 1831-1861- A Thesis.

Downey, Carlton M.   1998.  Investigating the Roots of African American Vernacular English.

Draper, David Elliot .  1973.  The Mardi Gras Indians: The Ethnomusicology of Black Associations in New Orleans.

Dreschel, Emanuel .  1979.  Mobilian Jargon: Linguistic, Sociocultural, and Historical Aspects of an American Indian Lingua Franca.

Dugas, Carroll Joseph .  1989.  The Dismantling of De Jure Segregation in Louisiana, 1954-1974.   Abstract available

Dugas, Marie Alice .  1935.  A Glossary of the Variants from Standard French Used in the Parish of Saint James.

Duke, John Thomas .  1980.  The Ouachita Basin: An Early History.   Abstract available

Duncan, Shelby Eileen .  1998.  Everyday Isn't Sunday: The Houma of Southeastern Louisiana.

Durand, Sidney Joseph .  1930.  A Phonetic Study of the Creole Dialect.

Eagleson, Dorothy Rose .  1961.  Some Aspects of the Social Life of the New Orleans Negro in the 1880s.

Eakin, Sue Lyles .  1980.  The Black Struggle for Education in Louisiana, 1877-1930s.   Abstract available

Edwards-Simpson, Louise Reynes .  1996.  Sicilian Immigration to New Orleans, 1870-1910: Ethnicity, Race and Social Position in the New South.   Abstract available

Eisterhold, John Anthony .  1970.  Lumber and Trade in the Seaboard Cities of the Old South, 1607-1860.

Elliott, John Gary .  1992.  The Partnership of Amédée Ardoin and Dennis McGee: Folk Music and Cultural Determination in Southwestern Louisiana.

Esman, Marjorie Ruth .  1981.  The Celebration of Cajun Identity: Ethnic Unity and the Crawfish Festival.   Abstract available

Estaville, Lawrence Ernest Jr.   1984.  The Louisiana French Culture Region: Geographic Morphologies in the Nineteenth Century.   Abstract available

Euraque, Samantha Teresa .  2004.  Hounduran Memories: Idenitity, Race, Place, and Memory in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Evans, James .  1985.  Intergenerational Mobility of Black Females in the City of New Orleans.

Everett, Donald Edward .  1952.  Free Persons of Color in Orleans Parish, 1840-1860.

Fagg, Mary Elizabeth .  1936.  The Migration of Negroes out of Louisiana, 1910-1930.

Falkowski, Carolyn Teresa .  1978.  Connotative Meanings of Food in a Selected Louisiana Subculture [Italian].

Fandrich, Ina Johanna .  1994.  The Mysterious Voodoo Queen Marie Laveaux: A Study of Power and Female Leadership in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans.   Abstract available

Feibelman, Julian Beck .  1939.  A Social and Economic Study of the New Orleans Jewish Community.

Ferguson, John Clarke .  1979.  The Colonial Revival Style in New Orleans: A Study of Six Houses.

Fertel, Mark Evan .  1985.  Big Oak Island (160r6): A Demographic and Pathological Analysis.

Field, Betty Marie .  1973.  The Politics of the New Deal in Louisiana, 1933-1939.

Fischer, Roger A.   1967.  The Segregation Struggle in Louisiana, 1850-1890. Published as The Segregation Struggle in Louisiana, 1862-77, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1974 The segregation struggle in Louisiana, 1862-77, Urbana: University of Illinois Press 1974.

Fisher, Hilda B.   1950.  A Study of the Speech of East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

Fluke, Dorotha Louisa .  1938.  A Descriptive Study of the Speech of Dutchtown, Louisiana, at Three Age Levels.

Fogelman, Charles W.   1949.  The Negro Baptist Churches of East Baton Rouge Parish: A Socio-religious Study of their Structure and Functions.

Folk, Mary Lucille Pierce .  1961.  A Word Atlas of North Louisiana.

Folse, Clinton Louis .  1935.  Form of Settlement as a Factor in Social Solidarity, with Special Reference to Southern Louisiana.

Fontenot, Elfa Lavonia .  1933.  Social and Economic Life in Louisiana, 1860-1865, as Recorded by Contemporaries.

Fontenot, Sharon Mitchell .  1980.  Food Customs in a Louisiana French Parish.

Fontenot, Wonda Lee .  1987.  Afro-American Folk Medicine and Practices in Rural Louisiana.

Fontenot, Wonda Lee .  1990.  Secret Doctoring: The Ethno-medicine Tradition of African Americans in Rural French Louisiana. Published as Secret Doctors: Ethnomedicine of African Americans, Westport, CN: Bergin & Garvey, 1994.

Foote, Nancy B.   1935.  Official Publications of the State of Louisiana, 1898-1934.

Ford, Oliver Jackson III .  1975.  Ada Jackson Carver: A Critical Biography.

Forét, Michael J.   1982.  Irresolution and Uncertainty: French Colonial Indian Policy in Louisiana, 1699-1763.

Forrest, Edwin Clark .  1976.  Changing Funeral Customs in Livingston Parish Louisiana: A Sociological Perspective.

Forrester, Kristen Lenore .  1995.  Facing the Challenge: Louisiana Women and the Civil War, 1861-1865.

Fournet, Estelle Marie .  1939.  A Comparison of Food Habits in Non-French and French Louisiana.

Fournier, Louise M.   1982.  L'introduction de la société américaine à Pont Breaux, en Louisiane et son influence sur l'utilisation du français chez le groupe blanc urbain.   Abstract available

Fowler, Anne Clarke .  1970.  The Contemporary Negro Subculture: An Exploratory Study of Lower-Class Negro Women of New Orleans.

Frantom, Marcy .  1994.  A Place Name and Cultural Study of "The Point" in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana: French and Scotch-Irish Place Names and Narratives.

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French, Carolyn Joyce Oliver .  1978.  Cadastral Patterns in Louisiana: A Colonial Legacy.

French, Carolyn Joyce Oliver .  1972.  Franklin Parish: Settlement prior to 1843.

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Gary, Don Leon .  1973.  A Geographical Systems Analysis of the Commercial Crawfish Industry in South Louisiana.

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Gauthier, Barbara Lusco .  1980.  Nutrition Knowledge Gained by a Multicultural Sample of LaFourche Parish Second Grade Students Using "Food ... Your Choice".

Gehman, Mary Elizabeth .  1987.  The Creole Controversy between George Washington Cable and Grace King: A Thesis.

Gendrin, Dominique Marie .  1983.  The Social Networks of a Bilingual Organization: A Case Study.

Gensler, Marilyn Whelan .  1977.  Lifestyle and Health: An Exploratory Study of Louisiana Parishes.

Giambrone, Guice A.   1972.  Rise and Decline of Italian Immigration in Louisiana, 1880-1924.

Giardino, Marco Joseph .  1985.  Ceramic Attribute Analysis and Ethnic Group Composition: An Example from Southeastern Louisiana.   Abstract available

Gibson, Herman III .  1976.  Deer Hunting Clubs in Concordia Parish: The Role of Male Sodalities in the Maintenance of Social Values.

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Gordon, Barbara Elizabeth .  1991.  The Rhetoric of Community Ritual: The Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet at Chauvin, Louisiana.   Abstract available

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Goss, Charles Wayne .  1977.  The French and the Choctaw Indians, 1700-1763.

Goubert, Beatriz .  1998.  Salsa, Merengue Y Son: Hispanic Music and Identity in Louisiana.

Gould, Lois Virginia Meacham .  1991.  In Full Enjoyment of Their Liberty: The Free Women of Color of the Gulf Ports of New Orleans, Mobile and Pensacola, 1769-1860.   Abstract available

Granier, Ervin Louis .  1939.  A Glossary of the French Spoken in St. John Parish.

Green, Barbara Susan .  1998.  Shaping a Civilized Sporting Culture: The Marginalization of Blood Sport in New Orleans Louisiana from 1870 to 1900.   Abstract available

Greene, Laurie Ann .  1994.  A Grammar of Belizean Creole: Compilations from Two Existing United States Dialects.   Abstract available

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