Baton Rouge Traditions Traveling Exhibit
Request Form

The Baton Rouge Traditions exhibit consists of:
  • four pull-up banners
  • one quilt
  • one quilt frame
  • everything comes in 6 cases
For more information about this kit please see the exhibitor kit

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Total Value: $3,900
By submitting this request, you agree to:
  1. Pick up and return the exhibit to the Division of the Arts Folklife Program in Baton Rouge (1051 North Third Street, Room 416)
  2. Submit the Exhibit Arrival Evaluation upon receipt of the exhibit.
  3. Follow instructions in the exhibit kit regarding handling, unpacking, packing, installing, and returning the exhibit.
  4. Assume all risks and financial obligations incurred in shipping, moving, housing, and displaying the artifacts.
  5. Return the exhibit in the condition it arrived.
  6. Follow instructions regarding exhibit displaying, monitoring, security, crediting. (#6,7,8,9,10 in the loan agreement)
  7. Submit a Final Exhibit Evaluation.