Baton Rouge Traditions

Baton Rouge Traditions Traveling Exhibit

The Exhibit

This traveling exhibit from the Louisiana Division of the Arts Folklife Program explores the traditional arts and practices of communities in the greater Baton Rouge area. It provides a window into Baton Rouge's capital city though the lens of a folklorist by exploring its people and traditions, which include crafts, customs, dance, foodways, music, oral traditions, occupational traditions, recreational traditions, ritual traditions, yards and gardens and more.

The traveling exhibit consists of four pull-up banners and a quilt on a frame. The quilt features iconic images of the city. The exhibit is designed for small venues such as libraries. The banners can be displayed together or separately. It comes in six containers.

Baton Rouge Traditions
Baton Rouge Gives and Works
Baton Rouge Makes and Plays
Baton Rouge Worships and Diversifies
The Baton Rouge Traditions Quilt

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The Baton Rouge Traditions exhibit banners
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At four events in Fall 2017, the quilt was made in collaboration with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and The Giving Quilt, Inc. Judy Holley created kits for the public to make squares and she then stitched them together and quilted it. The quilt has 81 blocks by 76 different contributors.

The Baton Rouge Traditions Quilt

The exhibit draws upon the online book, Baton Rouge Traditions, which is a compilation of 39 essays produced from the Baton Rouge Folklife Survey as well as others from the New Populations Project, the Louisiana Folklore Miscellany, and earlier projects.

Hosting the Exhibit

While there is no charge to host the exhibit, the host is responsible for picking up the exhibit at our offices in Baton Rouge and returning it to our offices.

If you would like to consider hosting the exhibit, please read the exhibitor kit, contact us regarding scheduling, and then reserve the exhibit using the form below. Contact Maida Owens, Folklife Program Director, folklife@crt.la.gov, 225-342-8178.

The Exhibitor Kit

The exhibitor kit includes everything you need to host the exhibit in your community, including statistics, requirements, forms, transportation instructions in addition to the exhibit contents, suggestions for exhibit activities and programming, background information, and other resources.

Download the pdf here.

Activity - Folklife Bingo - How BR Are You?

Play Folklife Bingo to find out just how BR you are. You can use the one provided or make your own.

Download the pdf. here.

Download the the Word document here.

Activity - Make a Community Quilted Wall Hanging

The Baton Rouge Traditions quilt includes iconic images of Baton Rouge. Many are shared with other communities in the state, but your community has its own. Use this activity—whether or not you are hosting the exhibit—to make a wall hanging quilt of iconic images of your community. This activity provides a way for the public to engage with the exhibit and leaves the host site with a memento of the community that can be displayed.

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Reserve the Exhibit

Click here to open the reservation form. Before submitting, please contact us regarding scheduling.


This project was supported in part by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism, in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal agency and with support from the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and The Giving Quilt. Inc. Additional funding was from an Archie Green Fellowship from the Library of Congress to support occupational folklore research.