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Louisiana Websites

Louisiana Folklore Society: The Society offers netowrking and publication opportunities for anyone interested in Louisiana folklore.

Louisiana Voices Links for a list of all websites used by the Louisiana Voices Educator's Guide.

KNOWLA: Encyclopedia of Louisiana: a comprehensive, online reference guide to the history and culture of Louisiana produced by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting: websites focusing on folklife video documentaries.

Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana

Good For What Ails You: Secrets of the Bayou Healers

Louisiana Folk Artist Biographies

The People of Louisiana from Colonization to Reconstruction:
A Medley of Cultures:
a virtual exhibit at Louisiana State Museum

Louisiana Tourism

Center for Louisiana Studies

National Folklife Websites

American Folklore Society: This learned society offers resources and services for anyone researching folklore. In the Folklore Commons section of their website, the Folklore Wiki offers a collective sharing enterprise about all aspects of folklore research.

American Folklife Center Library of Congress: This site has a wealth of information online about folklife resources and traditions, including:

Folklife & Fieldwork: A Layman's Introduction to Field Techniques

Documenting Maritime Folklife: An Introductory Guide

Educational Resources for Teaching, Learning and Research

American Folklife: A Commonwealth of Cultures

Smithsonian Institution Folklife and Folkways: This site features a wealth of information on folkways throughout the world that have been featured at the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Local Learning:The National Network for Folk Arts in Education: This site of Local Learning provides an online clearinghouse for national and regional resources related to folklore. Find virtual folk artist residencies, educational teaching tools, articles, and more.