Louisiana Musical Instruments Project

This project will identify and document the state's musical instrument builders and repairers and explore the relationship between instrument makers/repairers, music stores, and musicians. Instrument building traditions include, but are not limited to, fiddles, accordions, fretted instruments, bows, frottoirs, triangles (t-fers), bouzoukis, and drums. Instrument repairing also includes brass, woodwinds, and others. Both acoustic and electric instruments will be included as well as related equipment, such as amplifiers for accordions and fiddles.

Existing Documentation On Louisiana Instruments

Below are essays on the Folklife in Louisiana website and other sources that address musical instruments in Louisiana.

Innovation, Tradition, and Change in Louisiana Musical Instrument Making and Repair - Holly Hobbs

Reminiscences of a Cajun Accordion Builder - Marc Savoy

Introduction and Use of Accordions in Cajun Music - Malcolm Comeaux

Keeping It Alive: Marc Savoy and Ward Lormand - Accordion Making - Sheri Dunbar and Maida Owens

Delta Pieces: Instrument Builder Hilton Lytle: "I've Always Worked with Wood" - Susan Roach

Making Music: The Art of Hand-built Stringed Instruments - Susan Roach

Something From Nothing - Allons by LafayetteTravel (Cajun and Creole music)

Les Raconteurs de la Louisiane - Lionel Leleux, Program 23 (en francais) - Cote Blanche Productions, Glen Pitre, downloadable MP3, early 1980s.

Yule, Ron. 2007. My Fiddling' Grounds. Lafayette, LA: Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Pp. 327-338.

Sounds of A Culture - Allons by LafayetteTravel (Cajun and Creole instruments)

Steven "Ses-I Ras" Sheard: Wood Carver, Drum Maker - Daniel Atkinson

Mike Mattison, Professional Piano Tuner - Douglas Manger

Zeagler's Music Store, Instrument Repair - Jocelyn and Jon Donlon

"From Chanky-Chank to Yankee Chanks: The Cajun Accordion as Identity Symbol" - Mark DeWitt 2012 pp. 44-65 in Simonett, Helena, ed. The Accordion in the Americas: Klezmer, Polka, Tango, Zydeco, and More! Urbana: University of Illinois Press.