Delta Pieces

Educator's Guide for Delta Pieces: Northeast Louisiana Folklife

By Eileen Engel


The Educator's Guide for Delta Pieces contains 12 units. Each Guide unit relates to a unit within the Delta Pieces: Folklife in Northeast Louisiana essays. Together these essays offer an intensive look at this fascinating region of of 12 northeast Louisiana parishes running south down the Mississippi River from the Arkansas state line though Concordia Parish, Louisiana. The Educator's Guide units are correlated to the Common Core State Standards, particularly those in English Language Arts and are for grades 3-8. Links are provided to the award-winning Louisiana Voices Educator's Guide.

Delta Pieces Educator's Guide

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Cover, Table of Contents, and Background Information

Introduction to the Delta Region

For thousands of years, humans have lived in the Louisiana Delta region. This unit is designed to help students visualize the time context of the people and events of the region.

Delta Timeline with Dates Activity

Delta Timeline Activity

Louisiana Delta Map

Maps are another way to help students visualize information. This activity allows students to discover which parishes are located in the Louisiana Delta.

Delta Map Activity

The Louisiana Delta: Land of Rivers

As the Mississippi River flows through the Louisiana Delta, it brings a rich and fertile soil, but it also brings many challenges. The Flood of 1927 is highlighted in the student activity.

Delta Flood Photo Activity

Ethnic Groups in the Delta

The Louisiana Delta brings together many cultural groups to contribute their gifts to the region. The activity highlights their cultural contributions to the region.

Ethnic Groups Activity

Working in the Delta

Many occupations in the Louisiana Delta revolve around the water. The different types of boats used through the area are focus of the activity.

Boats of the Louisiana Delta Activity

Making a Home in the Delta

How do people keep their Delta homes running smoothly? Interviewing local tradition bearers helps students see the importance of the homemakers' role. This lesson includes the Homemaking Interview Activity.

Worshiping in the Delta

Religious worship is as varied as everything else in the Louisiana Delta. Focusing on this important part of the region, students learn about different religious practices.

Worshiping in the Delta Cloze Activity

Making Music in the Delta

Check out the rich musical varieties of the Louisiana Delta with audio samples and an art activity for students. This lesson includes the Making Music Activity.

Music for the Making Music in the Delta Music Quilt Activity

At Play in the Delta

Hunting and fishing are important to many in the Delta region. While some fish commericially, both hunting and fishing are often a sport. A graphic organizer is used to help students work along with a tradition bearer to make a hunting horn.

At Play Graphic Organizer Activity

Telling Stories in the Delta

The art of storytelling is an important part of language development. Students learn the basics of telling stories about "the one that got away" through this activity.

Telling Stories Activity

Delta Archive Word Search

This Word Search provides a review of many of the important Louisiana Delta words.

Delta Archive Word Search

Delta Bibliography Crossword

What better way to learn about the wonderful books and articles used to make Delta Pieces than through a crossword puzzle? Students use the Delta Pieces Bibliography to find the answers.

Delta Bibliography Crossword




Introduction to Delta Pieces: Northeast Louisiana Folklife

Map: Cultural Micro-Regions of the Delta, Northeast Louisiana

Working in the Delta

Making Music in the Delta

Telling Stories in the Delta

Delta Archival Materials




The educator's Guide to Delta Pieces: Northeast Louisiana Folklife was written by Eileen Engel in 2015. She is an educator and museum educator based in Hammond, La.