Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project

Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project - Quilting Resources

By Susan Roach

Online Resources

The National Quilt Index

Roach, Susan. Documenting Quiltmaking (in-depth interview questions on quilting)

Roach, Susan. Gifts from the Hills

Roach, Susan. "Keep Your Mind and Your Hands Busy:" Expressive Dimensions of the Lone Quilter.

Roach, Susan. "The Quilting Queens: Responding to Katrina." National Quilt Index. Matrix, Michigan State University and the Quilt Alliance, 2011. Web.

Roach, Susan. Traditional Quiltmaking in Louisiana.

Roach, Susan and Laura Westbrook Quilts as Women's Documents: The Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project.

Walker, Rosie A. Textile Uses in the Homes of Central Louisiana Czechs.

Other Publications

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