Louisiana Folklore Miscellany Index: Contents from Previous Journals Since 1958

By Marcia Gaudet

A selection of past articles from the Louisiana Folklore Miscellany are published online in collaboration with the Louisiana Folklore Society.

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MAY 1958: I(3)

Anderson, John Q. "Some Mythical Places in Louisiana." 1-10.
Wiedorn, William S. Jr. "Psychotherapeutic-like Techniques in Folk Medicine." 1-20.
Oster, Harry. "Easter Rock Revisited: A Study in Acculturation." 21.

JANUARY 1960: I(4)

Oster, Harry and Revon Reed. "Country Mardi Gras in Louisiana." 1-17.
Anderson, John Q. "Folkways in Writing about Northeast Louisiana before 1865." 18-32.
Wagner, Richard T. "The Relations of Folklore to the Traditional Academic Disciplines." 33-42.
Carrigan, Jo Ann. "Early 19th Century Folk Remedies." 43-64.
Roppolo, Joseph Patrick. "Folklore in Louisiana Drama: A Challenge." 65-81.
A Review of Louisiana Folklore Society Activities. 82

AUGUST 1961: II(1)

Rickels, Patricia K. "Some Accounts of Witch Riding." 1-17.
Leyda, Seraphia. "Les Treateurs." 18-27.
Anderson, John Q. (Texas A&M College): Folklore in Two Northeast Louisiana Novels." 28-43.
Pebworth, Ted-Larry. "Graveyard-Working: The Passing of a Custom." 44-49.
Ballard, Lou-Ellen. "Folktales of Southeast Alabama: An Original Collection." 50-68.
Wagner, Irene C. "Corrine L(elia) Saucier: A Tribute." 69-78.
Saucier, Corrine L. "The Ups and Downs of Collecting Folklore in Avoyelles Parish: An Informal Address." 79-82.
Notes and Queries. 83.

APRIL 1965: II(2)

Lagarde, Marie-Louise, William S. Chute and George F. Reinecke. "Six Avoyelles Songs from the Saucier Collection." 1-26.
Rickels, Patricia K. "The Folklore of Sacraments and Sacramentals in South Louisiana." 27-44.
Reinecke, George F. "The New Orleans Twelfth Night Cake." 45-54.
Anderson, John Q. "Folk Remedies for the Cure of Warts." 55-73.
Brown, Hugh S. "Voodooism in Northwest Louisiana." 74-86.
Pebworth, Ted-Larry. "Typical Protestant Modesty: Some Folk Cures of North-Central Louisiana." 87-96.
Kirby, Thomas A. "Nathaniel M. Caffee: In Memoriam." 97.

MAY 1966: II(3)

"Foreword." 1-5.
"Character of the Acadiens." 6-10.
"Early Courts." 11-12.
"Peddlers and Storekeepers." 13-17.
"Rural Schooling." 18-20.
"Clothing, Ancient and Modern." 21-23
"House, Farm, Food and Drink." 24-28.
"Customs through the Year." 29-37.
"Courtship and Marriage." 38-44.
"Deaths and Funerals." 45-46.
"Les Veillees." 47.
"The Sabbat and Feu-follet." 48.
"Superstitions." 51-55.
"Healers and Sorcerers." 55-58.
Program, 1965 Meeting Louisiana Folklore Society. 59-60
Program, 1966 Meeting Louisiana Folklore Society. 61.

AUGUST 1968: II(4)

Dorson, Richard M. "Techniques of the Folklorist." 1-23.
Pebworth, Ted-Larry. "Aunt Loda's Legacy." 24-33.
Sarrazin, Jean, Laura Kraus and Donald Krintzman. " 'Werewolves' on Bayou Lafourche." 34-44.
Lagarde, Marie-Louise. "A South-Louisiana Negro 'Baptizing.'" 45-55.
Abboud, Elaine J. "The Evil-Eye Among the Syrian-Lebanese in New Orleans." 56-61.
Landry, Julie B. "Faisande." 62-68.
Bourque, Darrell. "Cauchemar and Feu Follet." 69-84.
Plemer, Roslynn. "The Feast of Saint Joseph." 85-90.
Carbo, Terry M. "The Faith Healing Beliefs of a New Orleans Healer." 91-100.
Barnhill, Viron L. "The Partridges: A Medieval Fabliau in Acadian Oral Tradition." 101-102.
Martin, Malcolm J. "Zombies and Ghost Dogs on the Harvey Canal." 103.
Hale, Thomas. "The Kings' Cake Custom in Mobile, Alabama." 104.
Villere, Sidney, Roy Alciatore and George Reinecke. "A Nineteenth Century Creole Menu and Its Proverbs." 105-110.
Barnhill, Viron L. "Three Acadian Weather Practices." 111-112.
Louisiana Folklore Society Programs 1966-1968. 113.

APRIL 1970: III(1)

"Editorial." 1-4.
Holditch, Kenneth. "The Sacred Harp: A Southern Folk Hymnody." 5-15.
Boudreaux, Anna Mary. "Proverbs, Metaphors and Sayings of the Kaplan Area." 16-24.
Barrois, Julie. "Herb Cures in an Isolated Black Community in the Florida Parishes." 25-27.
Carlson, Flo. "A Collection of Cajun Superstitious and Supernatural Tales," 28-37.
McColloster, Mary Ann Tusa. "New Light on the New Orleans St Joseph Altar." 38-45.
Reinecke, George F. "The Wandering Jew in French Louisiana." 46-54.
Abboud, Elaine J. and Jean A. Sarrazin. "New Orleans Lenten Recipes: A Multi-Ethnic Sampling." 55-69.
Blanchet, Catherine. "Acadian Instrumental Music." 70-75.
Tassin, Anthony. "Mardi Gras in Edgard: Some Random Notes." 76.
Reinecke, George F. "Mardi-Gras, Chooka Lapai: A Probable Meaning." 77-78.
Sarrazin, Jean. "Unwanted Company Lore." 79.
Plater, Ormonde. "Vagina Dentata in Louisiana." 79-80.
Sarrazin, Jean. "Three Notes on the Southeast Louisiana Supernatural." 81-83.
The 1969 LFS Program. 84.

APRIL 1971: III(2)

Plater, Ormonde. "The Hurricane of Cheniere Caminada: A Narrative Poem in French." 1-11.
Gibbs, Jr. Samuel. "Voodoo Practices in Modern New Orleans." 12-14.
Harling, Kristie. "The Grunch: An Example of New Orleans Teen-Age Folklore." 15-20.
Mouton, Mona Mel and Ethelyn Orso. "Jean L'ours: An Acadian Folktale." 21-26.
Sears, Jean Sarrazin. "A Garland of Louisiana Wart Cures." 27-33.
Reinecke, George F. "Proverbial Locutions of New Orleans French." 34-38.
Terranova, Joachim. "Some Arbreshe Folklore." 39-43.
An Anthropology Student of Dr. Ethelyn Orso. "An Interview With a Hoodoo Curer." 44-47.
Murphy, Charles. "The Protest Motif in Children's Literature." 48-49.
Soileau, Jeanne. "Children's Observance of Mardi Gras in Ville Platte, Louisiana in the Early 1950's." 50.
Tassin, Anthony. "Folk Wart Cures." 50.
Reinecke, George F. "Weather Practices, Fifollet, Loup-Garou and Chasse-Gallerie in Jefferson Parish." 51-52.
Johnson III, Eldridge R. "Crescent City Blues." 53-54
Plater, Ormonde. "Return of the Monsters." 55-57.
Reinecke, Richard and Nancy. "Review: Oh! Dem Golden Slippers by Charles E. Welch." 58.
The 1970 LFS Meeting and Program. 59.

1973 FOR 1972: III(3)

Boudreaux, Anna M. "Yesterday, Today, and Maybe Tomorrow, Pictographs in Southwestern Louisiana." 1-16.
Dye, Robert. "Snake-Lore in Louisiana." 17-24.
Smith, Ethel LaBorde and Ethelyn Orso. "Roquelaure: An Acadian Trickster." 32-38.
Dahlgren, E.G. "Oil Language and Folklore." 32-38.
Perret, J. John. "J. Henriot, Author of 'L'Ouragan De La Cheniere Caminada.'" 39-42.
Soileau, Jeanne Pitre. "Jean Sot in St. Martinville." 43-47.
Miner, Allison. "The Mardi Gras Indians." 48-50.
Martin, Joan M . "Mardi Gras Indians, Past and Present." 51-55.
Wilhelmsen, Finn. "Creativity in the Songs of the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans, LA." 56-74.
Lubin, Maurice A. "En Marge Du Folklore Louisianais: Le Juif Errant." 75.
Bezou, James F. and Sidney L. Bezou and Msgr. Henry C. Bezou. "New Orleans Proverbial Locutions: Addenda." 76-78.
LeBreton, Dagmar Renshaw. 79
Villere, Sidney L.. 79-80.
Reinecke, George. "Jean Sot in New Orleans: Two Tales." 81-82.
The 1971 LFS Meeting and Program. 83.
The 1972 LFS Meeting and Program. 84-85.

1975 FOR 1973: III(4)

Giusti, Rosanna M. "The Life-Cycle Beliefs of a New Orleans Family of French-Italian Background." 1-28.
Soileau, Jeanne. "Proverbs and Proverbial Locutions of the St. Martinville Area." 29-34.
Orso, Ethelyn and E. Charles Plaisance. "Chitimacha Folklore." 35-41.
Firmin, Gloria. "Some Magical Practices Among New Orleans Blacks." 42-46.
Duval, Margaret L. "Legends of Wilkinson County and the Surrounding Area." 47-64.
Reinecke, George F. "Louisiana's Roque Laure, the Spanish Soil Trick, and Le Momus Francois." 65-69.
Wallace, Marcia. "Jokes Southern Baptists Tell." 70-84.
Boudreaux, Anna-Mary. "Jokes of Vermillion Parish." 85-97.
Whitbread, L. The Wandering Jew in French Louisiana. 98.
Program, 1973 Meeting, Louisiana Folklore Society. 99.

1975: III(5)

Del Sesto, Steven L. "Le Boucherie De Campagne: The Cajun Country Butchery." 1-5.
Post, Lauren C. "A Recollection of the Bleeding of Our Sick Mare by a 'Voodoo Doctor.'" 6-8.
Margavio, Anthony V. "Folklore of New Orleans' Sicilians." 9-13.
Orso, Ethelyn and Peggy Kaveski. "Undisclosed Aspects of Saint Joseph Altars." 14-18.
Oalmann, Mary Jane. "Southern Railroad Folklore." 19-32.
Fielding, Alice. "The Folklore of Children From Ages 9-13." 33-51.
Browinski, Jane and Denise Poynot. "A Study of Autograph Book Verse in New Orleans." 52-65.
Program, 1974 Meeting, Louisiana Folklore Society. 66.
Program. 1975 Meeting, Louisiana Folklore Society. 67.

1976-1980: IV

Holmes, Irene Whitfield. "In Memoriam: Lauren Chester Post." 7-8.
Edwards, Jay. "Cultural Syncretism in the Louisiana Creole Cottage." 9-40.
Prevos, Andre. "Afro-French Spirituals About Mary Magdalene." 41-53.
Perrin, Patricia F. "Oral Accounts of the Storms of 1893 and 1915 from the Cheniere Caminida Area." 54-60
Tapley, Philip A. "Negro Superstitions in Children of Strangers." 61-72.
Hampton, Joan Thompson. "Children's Jump-Rope Rhymes." 73-87.
Del Sesto, Steven L. "Cajun Music and Zydeco." 88-101.
Rochelle, Robbie Lynn. "The Banner Orchestra." 102-104.
Brabant, Sarah and Jaime Michot. "Gradations in Commitment to Folk Beliefs in Southern Louisiana." 105-110.
Burris, Shirley. "Fish-Gigging." 111-115.
Brandon, Elizabeth. "L'Alouette - A Functional Song." 116-121.
LeCompte, Nolan P. "Pupa Col Uova." 122-123.
Burns, Anna C. "Superstitions from Old Louisiana Sawmill Towns." 124-128.
Long, Patricia P. "In Cajun French Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo is Pronounced Pan, Pi, Po." 129-142.
White, Doris. "Jouré My Lord." 143-145.
Soileau, Jeanne. "Jumping Rope in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana." 146-154.
Programs, Meetings of the Louisiana Folklore Society - 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979. 155-159.

1981: V(1)

Comeaux, Elizabeth Smallwood. "Let the Cat Die: A Collection of Folklore From the Southern Alabama and Southern Mississippi Woodlands." 1-18.
Senn, Mary C. "One Score and One: Folklore of My Life." 19-26.
Alphonso, Patricia. "'We Don't Wanna Hear the Scientific Reason': Teenage Lore of St. Bernard Parish. 27-37.
Trahant, Yvette L. "The Oral Tradition of the Physician." 38-47.
Grayson, W. Paul. "The Folklore of a Medical Community." 48-52.
Stielow, Frederick J. "Discography of Louisiana Recordings in the Archive of Folk Song of the Library of Congress." 53-56.
De Caro, F. A. "Obituary: Richard M. Dorson, (1916-1981), 57-59.

1982: V(2)

Claudel, Calvin. "'Julie Julienne:' An Avoyelles Parish Folktale." 1-6.
Ottenheimer, Harriet B.J. "The Second Time Around: Versions and Variants in the Life Story Narrative of Cousin Joe, A New Orleans Blues Singer." 7-12.
Ottenheimer, Harriet B.J. and Pleasant 'Cousin Joe' Joseph. " 'Barefoot Boy:' Chapter One of the Life Story of Cousin Joe, Life's A One Way Ticket. 13-16.
Grace, Kevin. "Folklore and the W.P.A. in Northeast Louisiana." 17-25.
Gaudet, Marcia. "Mississippi Riverlore and Customs." 26-35.
Barnes, B.S. "Policelore."34-47.
Ashman, Charles Richard. "Folklore of Galliano." 48-55.
Notes. 56.

1983: V(3)

Armistead, Samuel G. "Spanish Riddles from St. Bernard Parish." 1-8.
Duplantier, Stephen. "Family Pigs in Central Louisiana: The Boucherie Des Habitants in Avoyelles Parish." 9-18.
Snyder, William D. "A Sampler of the Folklore of Slidell." 27-30.
Senn, Mary C. "Mona Lisa, Is That You?" 27-30.
Chambers, E.O. "The Mona Lisa Legend of City Park, New Orleans." 31-39.
Duplantier, Stephen. "The Cult of St. Joseph in Kenner." 40-46.
Notes. 47.

1984: V(4)

Guice, Natalie. "Personal Experiences from Residents of Franklin Parish of the Great Flood of 1927." 1-10.
Draper, David E. "The Ritual Music of the Choctaw Stickball Game." 11-27.
Waelde, Barbara. "Louisiana Army National Guard Folklore." 28-39.
Causey, Tammie Maria. "The Folklore of Surrounding Cats." 40-48.
Leonard, Terri L. "The Folklore of the Commercial Diving Industry." 49-62.

1985: VI(1)

Gaudet, Marcia. "Folk Motifs in the Short Stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne." 1-5.
Whitley, Colleen. "Rienzi Plantation: Its History and Folklore." 6-10.
Leslie, J. Paul. "The Bungalow Housestyle: Midprint for the Twenties." 11-14.
Byrd, James W. "The Automatic 'Howdy:' Folk Communication Today." 15-21.
McCann, Gary G. and Hilliard E. Saunders. "Daigle's Dictionary: A Theology of Cajunism." 22-25.
Ancelet, Barry Jean. "Ote Voir Ta Sacree Soutane: Anti-Clerical Humor in French Louisiana." 26-33.
Graf, Herb. Review of Bayou by Chris Segura (stories) and George Rodrigue (paintings). 34.

1987 FOR 1986: VI(2)

Byrd, James W., "Black Collectors of Black Folklore: An Update on Zora Neale Hurston and J. Mason Brewer." 1-7.
Hatley, Donald W., "A Preliminary Guide to Folklore in the Louisiana Federal Writers' Project," 8-14.
Fields, James C. "Analysis of Forty-eight Cajun Folk Songs," 15-24.
Gorman, Carolyn Portier. "Recollections of War: 1940-1943 on Bayou Little Caillou: An Oral History Collection." 25-34.
Estes, David C., "St. Joseph's Day in New Orleans: Contemporary Urban Varieties of an Ethnic Festival." 35-43.
Carlo, Wanda. "Riding a White Horse with a Red Saddle." 44-48.
Fischer, Alice Bacon. "Les Traitement Be'tailles: Cajun Cowboy Animal Cures." 49-53.
Toups, Verna. "A Cajun Trilogy." 63-68.
McCann, Gary G. and Hilliard Saunders. "Cuisine d' Amour a la Creole." 69-71.

1990: VI(3)

Estes, David C. "Traditional Dances and Processions of Blacks in New Orleans as Witnessed by Antebellum Travelers." 1-14.
Reinecke, George F. " 'Bouki and Dahomey' or 'The Buzzard and the Sheep': Creole Fakelore?" 23-36.
White, Theron S. " 'It's Hard to Believe, but …': Teenage Folklore from Northeast Baton Rouge." 37-48.
Bienvenu, Germain. "Twilight of the Old Creole Days: Reminiscences of Dagmar Renshaw LeBreton." 49-66.
Marshall, Kay. "Humor and AIDS: Laughing Our Way Through the Plague." 67-73.
Bergeron, Maida. "Cultural Conservation by the Louisiana Folklife Program: A Report." 74-77.
de Caro, Frank. "Charivari in Nineteenth Century New Orleans." 78-83.
Slayton, Sonia Ann. "Paper Flowers and Dinner on the Ground: Decoration Day in North Alabama." 84-88.

1991: VI(4)

de Caro, Frank. "Vermilionville and Beyond." 1-4.
Robinson, Herbert. "Family Sayings from Family Stories: Some Louisiana Examples." 17-24.
Ware, Carolyn. "The Louisiana Folklife Festival." 25-29.
Berg, Diane Smith. "Advice from our Grandmothers: Some Folk Beliefs About Childbirth." 30-35.
Bergeron, Ronald L. "Pregnancy Predictions and 'Wives Tales': A Look at Pregnancy Folklore in Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas." 36-42,
Louisiana Folklore Society Programs. 54-55.
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 56.
Estes, David. Subject Index to the Louisiana Folklore Miscellany, Volumes I-VI. 57-73.

1992: VII

From the Editor. 1.
Jordan, Rosan Augusta. "Folklore Study in New Orleans' Gilded Age: The 'Louisiana Association.'" 2-21.
Grider, Sylvia. "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around Elvis: Contemporary Legend, Popular Culture and the Media." 22-32.
Estes, David C. "Folk Humor in Thomas Bangs Thorpe's 'Letters from the Far West.'" 50-58.
Orso, Ethelyn. G. "Louisiana Live Oak Legends." 59-67.
de Caro, Frank. "New Orleans, Folk Ideas, and the Lore of Place."68-80.
Louisiana Folklore Society Programs. 89.
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 91.

1993: VIII

Orso, Ethelyn G. "New Light on an Old Story: The Mona Lisa Legend as Ancient Folklore." 17-24.
Pedrami, Loretta R. "Noruz: Iranian New Year Celebration in Louisiana and Iran." 25-48.
Christian, Renee Harvison. "The Louisiana Storytelling Project: An Appreciation." 49-54.
Special Section: Three LSU "Folk Groups"
Mitchell, Shawn. "Down in Your Mustard Seed, Kool Aid Pumping, Marshmallow-Filled, Twinkie-Eating Heart." 57-62.
Kincaid, Kathleen. "The LSU Fencing Team: Identity and Folklore." 63-74.
Howard, Leigh Anne and Daniel Heaton. "Krewe D' Elvis: LSU Folklore in the Making." 75-85.
Louisiana Folklore Society Program. 86
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 87.

1994: IX

Reinecke, George. "A Louisiana Black Creole Version of 'The Land and Water Ship.'" 19-29.
Babin, Michelle. "Superstitions of the Louisiana State University Baseball Team." 30-48.
Brumfield, Jacob. "Work Animals in the Rural South: Mule and Horse Stories from Washington Parish." 49-57.
Bryson, Susan. "Midwifery: Ancient Lore and Contemporary Practice." 58-79.
Louisiana Folklore Society Program. 88.
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 89.

1995: X

Special Issue on Louisiana Folklore and Literature
Gaudet, Marcia. "Louisiana Folklore and Literature: An Introductory Thumbnail Sketch." 1-7.
Gholson, Rachel. "The Southern Woman's Mind: Ada Jack Carver's 'The Ring' and 'The Raspberry Dress.'" 8-23.
O'Neal, Susan Hines. "Cultural Catholicism in Shirley Ann Grau's The Hard Blue Sky." 24-36.
Gaughan, Sara K. "Old Age, Folk Belief, and Love in Stories by Ernest Gaines and Louise Erdrich." 37-45.
Palumbo, Carmine D. "John Kennedy Toole and His Confederacy of Dunces." 59-77.
Louisiana Folklore Society Program. 78.
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 79.

1996: XI

Howard, Kate. "The Evolving Customs of the Jefferson Street Buzzards Carnival Club." 1-16.
Donlon, Jocelyn Hazlewood. "Two Women and a Porch." 29-40.
Hill, Reinhold R. "Chapels, Baptismal Fonts, and the Curse of Cain: An Examination of The Obstacles to Conversion in Louisiana Mormon Conversion Narratives." 53-66.
Louisiana Folklore Society Program. 87.
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 89.

1997: XII

Vlach, John Michael. "Traditional Features of a 'New' Plantation: A Case Study of Laurel Valley, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana." 1-28.
Lindahl, Carl. "The Power of Being Outnumbered." 45-78.
Jordan, Rosan Augusta and Frank de Caro. "Field Notes on All Saints' Day, 1985 and 1986." 79-88.
Louisiana Folklore Society Program. 89
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 91.

1998: XIII

Gaines, Ernest J. "A Tribute to Milton Rickels." 1-2
Landry, Julie. "The Bonne Mort Society of Carencro, Louisiana: A Post Vatican II Relic." 3-14.
Colquette, Patricia. "'My Slinky's Got a Kink': Proverbial Phrases for People A Little Off." 27-42.
Sawin, Patricia E. "Living Traditions of Vermilion Parish/Les Traditions Vivantes de la Paroisse Vermilion," 43-58.
Louisiana Folklore Society Program. 59
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 61.

1999: XIV

Dedication to Mary Ethelyn G. Orso (1941-1999).
Long, Carolyn Morrow. "Voodoo-Influenced Rituals in New Orleans Cemeteries and The Tomb of Marie Laveau," 1-14.
Ancelet, Barry Jean. "The Limits and Direction of Creolization: From Mercier's L'habitation St. Ybars to the Eunice Mardi Gras," 15-26.
Westbrook, Laura Renee. "Speaking for Ourselves: Louisiana Heritage Initiative Helps Communities Design Folklife-Based Cultural Programming," 41-54.
Calcote, Sharon. "Peopling of the Process: A New Tourism Development Model Utilizing an Anthropological Approach." 55-74.
Owens, Maida. "Report on the Louisiana Folklife and Education Project: Louisiana Voices," 75-80.
Laudun, John. "'Talking Shit' in Rayne: Field Notes," 81-84.
Louisiana Folklore Society Program, 85.
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers, 89.


Laudun, John. Editor's Foreword. 1-2.
Fagan, William F. "Christmas Eve Bonfires & the Mayor." 74-85.
De Caro, Frank. "In Memoriam-George Reinecke." 86-88.
Annual Meeting Program for 2000 (and Officers), 89.


Laudun, John. "In the Wake of the Storms." 1-2.
Badeau, Corliss, Keagan Lejeune, Stella Nesanovich, and Wendy Whelan-Stewart. "Individual & Communal Identity after Hurricane Rita: A Collaborative Essay." 3-27.
Goertzen, Chris. "Cars and Katrina at our house." 94-97.
Stein, Alan H. & Gene B. Preuss. "Oral History, Folklore, and Katrina." 98-122.
Nachabe, Adeem, Jessica Cohn-Phillips, and Amelia Kish. "Memoires from Metairie: 3 Students from the Metairie Park Country Day School Tell Their Stories." 138-139.
Gaudet, Marcia. "Louisiana Folklore Miscellany Index: Contents from Previous Journals." 140-153. (this page)

2009: IX

Ancelet, Barry J. "Lomax in Louisiana: Trials and Triumph." 32-52.
Gaudet, Marcia. "In Memoriam: Patricia Kennedy Rickels (1927-2009)." 82-85.
Louisiana Folklore Society 2009 Meeting Program" 86-87.
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers. 88.
Back Issues of LFM Available. 89.

2011: XXI - Special Issue: The River Road

Jackson, Joyce M., "Guest Editor's Introduction." 1- 5
Carlin, Kathleen, "…A Hurricane Is Nothing." 6-21
Martin, Marion P. "The Piecemakers." 111-120.
Louisiana Folklore Society 2011 Meeting Program 121-122
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers 123
Recent Books of Interest on Louisiana 124

2012: XXII

Ware, Carolyn, "Note from the Editor." 1-2
Begnaud, Rebecca. "The Life of a Healer." 15-23.
Caffery, Joshua Clegg. "The Folk Etymology of the Fais Do-Do: A Note." 61-65.
Cazabat, Norbert. "Growing Up in Davant, Louisiana." 89-99.
Louisiana Folklore Society 2012 Meeting Program 137-138
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers and Board 139
Back Issues of LFM Available 140

2013: XXIII

LeJeune, Keagan, "Note from the Editor." 1-2
Louisiana Folklore Society 2013 Meeting Program 129-1308
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers and Board 131
Back Issues of LFM Available 132

2014: XXIV

Fisher, Kelley. "The Dying Art of Speaking Ceazarnie." 34-47.
Louisiana Folklore Society 2014 Meeting Program 91-92
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers and Board 93
Back Issues of LFM Available 94

2015: XXV

2016: XXVI

Ingram, Shelley. "Introduction." 1-4
Richardson, Todd. "Ignatius Reilly > New Orleans" 63-74
Louisiana Folklore Society 2016 Meeting Program 75
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers and Board 77
Back Issues of LFM Available 78

2017: XXVII

Soileau, Jeanne. " They Said What?: The Playground Education You Forgot You Got." 53-66
Louisiana Folklore Society 2017 Meeting Program 102
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers and Board 104
Back Issues of LFM Available 105

2018: XXVIII

2019: XXIV

Louisiana Folklore Society 2019 Meeting Program 110
Louisiana Folklore Society Officers and Board 113
Louisiana Folklore Miscellany Back Issues 114

Marcia Gaudet is a folklorist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Dept of English. This article was originally published in the Louisiana Folklore Miscellany, Volume 16-17 in 2008 and covered 1958 - 2000. Issues after 2000 have been added.