Cultural Conservation Through Apprenticeship: A Review of the Louisiana Folklife Apprenticeship Program

by Sheri Dunbar and Maida Owens

The original version was published by the Louisiana Folklife Program, Division of the Arts in 1993. Limited copies are available upon request.

This publication features some of Louisiana's greatest treasures, folk artists keeping their traditions alive so that all may benefit from living in a healthy, creative environment. With the support of a Folklife Apprenticeship grant from the Division of the Arts, they have passed on to apprentices invaluable skills and knowledge about their culture.

This project is a fine example of the collaboration and cooperation among Louisiana cultural specialists. The project was conceived by Bob Gates, the former director of the Louisiana Folklife Program and implemented by Maida Owens, the current director. Anthropologist Sheri Dunbar drew upon the expertise of many people and the apprenticeship grant applications to write the artist profiles. Audio tapes of site visit interviews are archived at the Louisiana State University Hill Memorial Library's Special Collections.