The following articles have appeared in the Louisiana Folklife Festival program books, the Louisiana Folklore Miscellany, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival program book, and other publications. Some were previously published as books by the Louisiana Division of the Arts Folklife Program and more recent ones were originally published online for this website.

General Information

The Creole State: An Introduction to Louisiana Traditional Culture - Nicholas R. Spitzer

The Creole State: An Exhibition of Louisiana Folklife

Louisiana Folklife: A Guide to the State - Nicholas R. Spitzer, editor

Louisiana Folklife Photo Gallery

Louisiana’s Traditional Cultures: An Overview - Maida Owens

A History of Folklife Research in Louisiana - F. A. de Caro

Folklore And Ethnicity: Some Theoretical Considerations - Rosan A. Jordan

Contributions of African-Americans to Louisiana Folklore Research - Rebecca T. Cureau

Audio & Video Clips on Louisiana Traditional Culture

Thinking About Tradition - Nalini Raghavan

Regional and Cultural Groups

A Commentary: African Cultural Retentions in Louisiana - Charles E. Siler

Caddo Homecoming - Dayna Bowker Lee

The Boys of Summer: African Americans and Baseball in Plaquemines Parish - Cheryl Hogan

Cajun Women and the Country Mardi Gras Tradition - Carolyn Ware

Cane Brakes, High Water, Drought: The Mississippi Delta - Tom Rankin

Cane River Creole Community - Dayna Bowker Lee

Choctaw Heritage of Louisiana and Mississippi - Deborah Boykin

Croatians in Southeastern Louisiana -- Overview - Carolyn Ware

Cultivating Folk Buds: The Horti-culture of Folk Studies - Barry Jean Ancelet

Customs, Traditions, and Folklore of a Rural Southern Italian-American Community - Harry P. Becnel, Jr.

Delta Pieces: Northeast Louisiana Folklife - Susan Roach and Maida Owens, eds.

East Baton Rouge and Livingston Parishes - Maida Owens Bergeron and Joyce Marie Jackson

España y La Louisiana - H.F. "Pete" Gregory

The Evolution of the Isleño Identity - Sara-Ann Harris

Excerpts from The Anonymous Breaux Manuscript - Translated by George Reinecke

The Felicanas - Susan Garrett Davis

The Flood of 1927 and the Great Depression: Two Delta Disasters - Betty Jo Harris

The Florida Parishes: An Overview - Joel Gardner

The Folk Art of Alvin Batiste: Louisiana Culture Painted- Diana F. Buckley

From Evangeline Hot Sauce to Cajun Ice: Signs of Ethnicity in South Louisiana- Barry Jean Ancelet

Gefilte Fish in the Land of the Kingfish: Jewish Life in Louisiana - Susan Levitas

Getting to Gemütlichkeit: German History and Culture in Southeast Louisiana- Laura Westbrook

Germans in Southeast Louisiana -- In Our Own Words: Reflections on German American Life in Louisiana- Laura Westbrook

Gifts From The Hills: North Central Louisiana Folk Traditions -
by Susan Roach

Grand Isle Dairies (audio essay)- Earl Robichaux

Growing Up in Davant, Louisiana. - Norbert Cazabat

He's The Prettiest: A Tribute to Big Chief Allison "Tootie" Montana -
by Kalamu ya Salaam (with an introduction by William Fagaly)

Houma Indian Arts: A Triptych - Frédéric Allamel

Indians and Folklife in the Florida Parishes - H. F. "Pete Gregory

Introduction to Delta Pieces: Northeast Louisiana Folklife - Susan Roach

Italian Traditions in Independence, Louisiana - Laura Westbrook

Italians in the Delta: “Pioneers of Monroe” - April Clark Honaker

Jewish Folklore in Northeastern Louisiana - Ben Sandmel

Hungarian Folklife in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana - Virginia Romero

The Invisible Population: Mexicans and Central Americans in Northern and Central Louisiana - Lisa Abney

Louisiana French Folklore and Folklife - Barry J. Ancelet

Louisiana's Indians in the 21st Century - Dayna Lee

Louisiana Native Americans: An Overview - H. F. "Pete" Gregory

Making a Home in the Delta: Women and the Domestic Environment - Deborah Boykin

Mardi Gras Indians: Culture and Community Empowerment - Michael Smith

Musings on the Louisiana Delta from a Native Son - H.F. Pete Gregory as told to Dayna Lee

The National and Cultural Groups of New Orleans - George F. Reinecke

Noms de Bayou: French Place Names in North Louisiana - Kelby Ouchley

North Louisiana Folklife Traditions and Research: An Overview - Susan Roach

The Northshore - St. Tammany Parish - Janice Dee Gilbert

Ouachita River Mounds: A Five Millennium Mystery - Lori Tucker

People of the Florida Parishes: Their Arts, Crafts, and Traditions

The Piney Woods - Tangipahoa, St. Helena, Washington Parishes - Joy J. Jackson

“A Promise From The Sun:” The Folklife Traditions Of Louisiana Indians - H. F. 'Pete' Gregory

Reflections on the Delta—An Owl Calls

Reflections on the Delta—Christmas Customs

Reflections on the Delta—Gigging

Reflections on the Delta—Hunting and Fishing

Reflections on the Delta—Indian Mounds

Reflections on the Delta—Places

Reflections on the Delta—The Delta and the River

Reflections on the Delta—The Delta is an Indian Place

Reflections on the Delta—The French Delta

Roots of the Cedar: The Lebanese Heritage in Louisiana- Yvonne Nassar Saloom and I. Bruce Turner

Splittin' on the Grain: Folk Art In Clifton, Louisiana- Shari Miller and Miriam Rich

The Talimali Band of Apalachee- Dayna Bowker Lee

Le Voisinage: Evolution of Community in Cajun Country - Dana David

West of the Ouachita: Conserving the Heritage of the Pine Hills and River Valley of North West Louisiana - Susan Roach

New Populations -- Louisiana's Immigrant and Refugee Communities

The Many Faces of the Bayou State: New Populations in Louisiana - Maida Owens and Laura Marcus Green

Balance of Grace and Strength: Chinese Folk Dancing in South Louisiana - Guiyuan Wang

A Better Life for All: Traditional Arts of Louisiana's Immigrant Communities - Laura Marcus Green and Maida Owens

Carnival, Feast Days, and House Parties: Cuban Celebrations in Louisiana after 1960 - Tomás Montoya González with T. Ariana Hall

Dancing in the Light: The Nine-Day Festival of Navaratri in South Louisiana - Daria Woodside

The Navaratri Story: The Origins and Religious Texts- Daria Woodside

The Difference Between a House and a Home: Latino Experiences in Baton Rouge - Dominic Bordelon

Domestic Customs Among Muslim Women In The Greater New Orleans Area - Denese Neu

From Punta to Chumba: Garifuna Music and Dance in New Orleans - Amy Serrano

The Filipino Community in the Ark-La-Tex Region: Coming Together for Culture and Community - Laura Marcus Green

The Hispanic Population of Rural Central Louisiana and Their Traditions - William Manger

Honduran Identity within South Louisiana Culture - Denese Neu

A Hurricane is Nothing - Kathleen Carlin

Indian Classical Music in South Louisiana - Andrew McLean

Japanese Culture and Dance in Southeast Louisiana - Laura Westbrook

"Looks Very Simple, But Takes a Lot of Time": Diana Gay's GuaTamales - Guatemalan Tamales - Mandy McClain with Susan Roach

Luck, Peace, and Prosperity: Celebrating Chinese New Year in Shreveport - Sheila Richmond

Mabuhay Pilipino!: Filipino Culture and Dance in Southeast Louisiana - Laura Westbrook

Making Piñatas: Celebration Mexican-Style in North Louisiana - Barbara Chumley and Susan Roach

Mexican Home Altars and Día de los Muertos Traditions: Finding the Way Home Through Art and Heritage - Laura Marcus Green

The Mexican Community of Forest Hill, Louisiana - William Manger

Moon Cakes, Knotting, and Feng Shui: A Peek of Chinese Culture in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Jun Zou

Music and Dance in South Louisiana's Cuban Community - Tomás Montoya González with T. Ariana Hall

Musicians in the Guatemalan Community of New Orleans - Devon Robbie

"My Way To Show Baton Rouge I'm Here": Latino Music and Dance in Baton Rouge - Dominic Bordelon

Offerings to Kings and Buddha: Vietnamese Ritual Activities at Chua Bo De: The Vietnamese Buddhist Community in New Orleans Area - Allison Truitt

Palestinian and Mexican Handwork Traditions in Shreveport - Laura Marcus Green

Places Called Home: Folk Traditions among Muslim Immigrants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Jocelyn Donlon

Preserving Vietnamese Culture and Language in Southern Louisiana: Altars as Symbols of Identity - Emma Tomingas-Hatch

Rangoli - An Indian Custom of Welcome - Laura Westbrook

Ritual Traditions of Maria Lopez: From Mexico to Louisiana - Susan Roach

Sabor Latino: Central American Folk Traditions in New Orleans - Shana Walton

A Sampling of Indian Arts and Traditions in Louisiana. - Maida Owens, ed.

A Sampling of Laotian Arts and Traditions in Louisiana - Maida Owens, ed.

A Sampling of Vietnamese Arts and Traditions in Louisiana - Maida Owens, ed.

Satyanarayana Puja: A Hindu Prayer Service in South Louisiana - Daria Woodside

Sri Satyanarayana Puja Folktales - Daria Woodside

Shreveport's Greek Community: Cultural Treasure Spanning Generations and an Ocean - Laura Marcus Green

Shreveport's Indian Community: Three Organizations, Shared Visions, Treasured Cultural Traditions - Laura Marcus Green

Songkran: Laotian New Year in South Louisiana - Hardy Jones, Jr.

Songs to Make the Bride Cry: Turkish Traditional Music - Laura Marcus Green

The Story of La Purisima and La Griteria: A Unique Nicaraguan Sacred Tradition Adapted to Louisiana - Denese Neu

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, in the New Orleans Vietnamese Community - Kathleen Carlin and Cam-Thanh Tran

Thai Customs of Loy Krathong: Festival of the Floating Lotus - Laura Westbrook

Traditional Arts: A Window onto Northwest Louisiana's Multicultural Landscape - Laura Marcus Green

Vietnamese Folklife in New Orleans - Kathy Kilbourne

Vietnamese Lion / Dragon Dance: Excerpts from a Conversation between Laura Westbrook and Johnny Huynh - Laura Westbrook

XV Años Celebration - Martha Brown

Children and Family Folklore

African American Oral Traditions in Louisiana - Mona Lisa Saloy

An Atchafalaya Childhood: Boyhood Recollections of Musician & Boatbuilder Faren Serrette- As collected by Laura Renée Westbrook

Bonfires on the Levee: A Family Tradition in Ascension Parish - Carol Gravois

If Your Eggs Are Cracked, Please Step Down: Easter Egg Knocking in Marksville - Sheri Lane Dunbar

The Origami of Baton Rouge Schoolgirls: Games and Notes on Looseleaf Paper - Lisa Noland

Sample Fieldnotes: Teen Memories of Grade School Traditions - Maida Owens

"Steal-the-Flag: A Game Played in South Louisiana." - Malcolm Comeaux

Material Culture/Crafts and Foodways

About Quilts: An Overview - Susan Roach

African-American Quiltmakers in North Louisiana: A Photographic Essay - Susan Roach

Are Memory Painters Folk Artists?

All-Day Singing and Dinner on the Ground - Shana Walton

Binding a Family: Examining Job's Tears Rosaries as Artifacts of Kinship - Keagan LeJeune

Builders' Voice: Reflections on the Fruits of Labor - C. Ray Brassieur

Bringing Food and Buying Fish: The Significance of the Fishboat to Isolated Communities in the Atchafalaya Basin - Jim Delahoussaye

Bunny Matthews‘ Worldview: Race, Art, and Love for New Orleans. - Aaron Duplantier

Choctaw Split Cane Basketry - Dayna Bowker Lee

Crafts from the "Back Days" - Claude Medford

Fait à la Main: About Louisiana Crafts - Maida Owens, ed.

Exhibiting Quilts - Susan Roach

The Fabric of Family: Preserving the Parker Family's Quilting Heritage - Kerry Davis

Feeling Like Choupique on the Blacktop? Rx: Daily doses of folk culture in context - C. Ray Brassieur

Folk Art in the Clifton Community- Shari Miller and Miriam Rich

Folk Boats of Louisiana - Malcolm Comeaux

Folk Crafts: A Hand-Me-Down Tradition - C. Ray Brassieur

From Custom to Coffee Cake: The Commodification of the Louisiana King Cake- Janet Ryland

Georgie and Allen Manuel and Cajun Wire Screen Masks - Ronnie E. Roshto

"In My Father’s House": North Louisiana Gravehouses as Art and Technology - Marcy Frantom

"Keep Your Mind and Your Hands Busy:" Expressive Dimensions of the Lone Quilter - Susan Roach

Louisiana Boatbuilding: An Unfathomed Fortune - C. Ray Brassieur

Louisiana Cooking: A Way of Life - Ulysses S. Ricard

Louisiana Folk Crafts: An Overview- Rosan A. Jordan, F. A. de Caro, Susan Roach-Lankford, and Nicholas R. Spitzer

Louisiana Folk Houses- Milton B. Newton

Louisiana’s Food Traditions: An Insider’s Guide - Maida Owens

Louisiana Roadside Memorials: Negotiating an Emerging Tradition - Maida Owens

Making Tamales in Northwestern Louisiana - Dayna Bowker Lee

Maggie Skipwith Smith: “Our George's Cherry Tree” Quilt - John Corey Whaley and Susan Roach

Material Cultural Landscape of the Florida Parishes in Historical Perspective - Milton B. Newton, Jr.

One Option Out of Many: Strategies for Preserving Louisiana Folk Culture in the Twenty-first Century - Teresa Parker Farris with Rachel Ornelas

The Piecemakers - Marion P. Martin

Places They Remember: The Art of Clementine Hunter and Sarah Albritton - Susan Roach and Peter Jones

The Quilting Queens - Susan Roach

Quilts as Women's Documents: The Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project - Susan Roach and Laura Westbrook

Reflections on the Delta—Traditional Boats

"Something About Being Anonymous": The New Orleans Mardi Gras Mask Market - Frank de Caro

Textile Uses in the Home of Central Louisiana Czechs - Rose Walker

Traditional Quiltmaking in Louisiana - Susan Roach

Where Mind and Metal Meet: Louisiana Metal Boats - John Laudun

Tradition Bearer Profiles: Crafts and Foodways

Keeping It Alive—Azzie Roland and Alice Roland Holley: Split-oak Basketmaking

Keeping It Alive—Bel Abbey and Timothy Langley: Koasati Crafts and Storytelling

Keeping It Alive—Charles Taylor and Traynell Mitchell: Mardi Gras Indian Costume Making

Keeping It Alive—David Allen and Bennie Holyfield: Walking Stick Carving

Keeping It Alive—Elie Guidry, Thomas Colvin, and Errol Cuneo: Wooden Boatbuilding

Keeping It Alive—Errol Verret and Garland Frederick: Wooden Boatbuilding

Keeping It Alive—Gladys LeBlanc Clark and Elaine Bourque: Acadian Brown Cotton Weaving

Keeping It Alive—Lionel LeLeux and John Vidrine: Fiddle Repair

Keeping It Alive—Marc Savoy and Ward Lormand: Accordion Making

Keeping It Alive—Nancy Cooper and Lori McMahon: Horsehair Rope Making

Delta Folks—Blowing Horn Maker Nalda Gilmore: “The Horn Man”

Delta Folks—Folk Medicine Remedies Of Virginia Roberts: “For Tummy Aches”

Delta Folks—Hazel Dailey: “To Make Something Each Day That I Am Here”

Delta Folks—Helen Lyke: Passing On Family Traditions From Needlework To Stories

Delta Folks—Horns and Dogs Just Go Together: James LeCroix's Revival of the Hunting Horn Making

Delta Folks—Instrument Builder Hilton Lytle: “I've Always Worked with Wood”

Delta Folks—Jelly Maker Maye Torrey: “Berries In The Winter”

Delta Folks—Lucille Stewart: Making Baptismal Gowns

Delta Folks—Qin Lin: Chinese Paper Crafts

Delta Folks—Sausage Maker M.J. Varino


Music Traditions

At Play in the Delta - Michael Luster

Beyond Urban Borders: Unveiling New Discourses on the Rural Jazz Narrative in the River Road Region - Joyce Marie Jackson

Brownie Ford: Lifelines of a Woods Cowyboy - Nicholas R. Spitzer

Cajun and Zydeco Music Traditions - Barry Ancelet

Cajun Music: Alive and Well in Louisiana - Ann Savoy

Cajun Music as Oral Poetry - Carolyn Ware

Clapping On Two and Four- Kalamu ya Salaam

Country Chameleons: Cajuns on the Louisiana Hayride - Tracey E. W. Laird

Crescent City Country: Hillbilly Music in New Orleans - J. Michael Luster

"Don’t Give Up Your Day Job:" Country Music - Terry A. Seelinger

"Everyone Rockin' Together": Continuity and Creativity in the Louisiana Delta Easter Rock - Susan Roach

Fiddling in Louisiana - Ron Yule

The Folk Etymology of the Fais Do-Do: A Note. - Joshua Clegg Caffery

From Rural to Urban, From Acoustic to Amplified: the Blues in Louisiana - Ben Sandmel

"From Country to City: The Blues and Gospel in the Florida Parishes and Baton Rouge - Ben Sandmel

Gospel Music in Louisiana

The Gospel Train: The Zion Travelers Spiritual Singers - Dr. Joyce Jackson

Hayride Boogie: Blues, Rockabilly and Soul from the Louisiana Hill and Delta Country - Michael Luster

The Hiding and Watching Louisiana I-20 Blues - Nicholas Rey Deriso

Introduction and Use of Accordions in Cajun Music - Malcolm L. Comeaux

J. D. Miller and Floyd Soileau: A Comparison of Two Small Town Recordmen of Acadiana - Shane Bernard

"Lomax in Louisiana: Trials and Triumph" - Barry Ancelet

Louisiana: A Guitarist's Paradise - Ben Sandmel

Louisiana Folk And Regional Popular Music Traditions On Records And The Radio: An Historical Overview With Suggestions For Future Research - Stephen R. Tucker

Louisiana Music Recordings: A Select List of Recordings

Making Music: The Art of Hand-built Stringed Instruments - Susan Roach

Mr. K-Doe Goes to Washington: The Monumental New Orleans R&B Star Barnstorms the Capital City - Ben Sandmel

The Musical and Cultural Roots of Louisiana Creole and Zydeco Fiddle Traditions - D ‘Jalma Garnier

Music of the Black Churches - Joyce M. Jackson

The North Louisiana String Band - Susan Roach

Pretty, Little, and Fickle: Images of Women in Cajun Music - Laura Westbrook

Public and Private Domains of Cajun Women Musicians in Southwest Louisiana - Lisa Richardson

Reflections on the Delta—Nightclubs in the Delta

Rockin’ the Country, North Louisiana Style - Michael Luster

Sacred Music in the Delta: From Shaped Note to Quartet Singing - Susan Roach

Since Ol' Gabriel's Time: Hezekiah and the Houserockers Liner Notes - David Evans

Some Louisiana Musicians

Songs of Spirit and Continuity of Consciousness: African American Gospel Music in Louisiana - Joyce Marie Jackson

The Treasured Traditions of Louisiana Music - Ben Sandmel

Tunes and Tales Rekindle Celtic Roots: Bill Conly's Journey from Louisiana to Ireland - Laura Marcus Green

Twisting at the Fais Do Do: Swamp Pop in South Louisiana - Shane K. Bernard

Tradition Bearer Profiles: Music

Keeping It Alive—Lula Landry, Inez Catalon, and Marce Lacouture> Cajun Home Music

Keeping It Alive—Raymond Blakes and Clarastine Cook: Blues Guitar Playing

Delta Folks—Laymon Godwin: Pedal Steel and Dobro Master

Delta Folks—Penola Caesar: Maintaining Old Gospel Singing Traditions

Delta Folks—Performer and Songwriter Kenny Bill Stinson: Mixing Country Music with the Blues

Delta Folks—Po' Henry and Tookie: Delta Blues Duo

Delta Folks—Thomas Edison “Brownie” Ford: Cowboy, Storyteller, and Ballad Singer

Delta Folks—Vidalia's One-Man Band, Gray Montgomery: “Several Different Musicians Rolled into One”

Occupational Traditions

Big River Traditions: Folklife on the Mississippi River - Ben Sandmel

Calling The Cotton Press - Donald W. Hatley

Deer Hunting with Dogs - Terry Jones

The McNeill Street Pumping Station- Dayna Bowker Lee

"A Man Can Stand, Yeah:" Ranching Traditions in Louisiana - Jane Vidrine

More than Just a Trade: Master Craftsmen of the Building Arts - Interviews compiled by Laura Westbrook

Nets and Net Making in the Delta - Sheila Richmond

Oilfield Lore - Ben Sandmel

Occupational Folklife In Louisiana - George A. Stokes

Riding Clubs in Central Louisiana Lore - Rolanda Teal

The Rolling Store - John L. Doughty, Jr.

Shrimping in Louisiana: Overview of a Tradition - Laura Landry

Traditional Boats of Catahoula Lake - Dayna Bowker Lee

Trappers of the Barataria: Nutria Traditions - Jon and Jocelyn Donlon

Waiting for Babies: Lay Midwives in Louisiana- Maida Owens

"Willing to Take A Risk:" The Folklore of Cropdusting - Susan Roach and Janet Ryland

Working in the Delta - Susan Roach

Zydeco Trail Ride: Creole Cowboys at Work and Play - Nick Spitzer

Tradition Bearers Profiles: Occupational Traditions

Delta Folks—Hunter And Fisherman Kenneth Hebert: “Love It More Than Anything”

Delta Folks—Ike Hamilton: From Rodeo Clown to Auctioneer Colonel

Delta Folks—Judge Alwine Louise Smith Ragland: Louisiana's First Woman Judge

Delta Folks—Oren Russell Mississippi River Boat Pilot

Delta Folks—Whitey Shockley: Mississippi River Fisherman

Delta Folks—Guy Serio: “They Had a Rough Go”: Italians in the Delta

Delta Folks—Moses Poole on Pen Hunting in Catahoula Parish: “You've Got to Know Your Dog's Mouth”

Oral Traditions

African American Toast Tradition - Mona Lisa Saloy

"The Big One": Deer Hunting in Northeast Louisiana - Janery Wylie

Cars and Katrina at our house - Chris Goertzen

Conversing with the Land of Dreams: Disaster Humor and Public Discourse - Jason Saul

Gambling Money Don't Have No Home: Playing Poker and Shooting Dice in the Louisiana Delta - Don W. Hatley

The Hub Lake Gold: An Analysis of A Legend - John L. Doughty, Jr.

Individual & Communal Identity after Hurricane Rita: A Collaborative Essay - Corliss Badeau, Keagan Lejeune, Stella Nesanovich, and Wendy Whelan-Stewart

Katrina: The Urban Legends Begin: A Memoir with Commentary - Frank de Caro

Landmark of the Koroa - Sam Dickenson

Languages And Linguistic Research In Louisiana - J. L. Dillard

"Legends, Local Identity, and a New Orleans Cookbook." - Frank de Caro

Louisiana French Oral Literature: An Overview - Barry Jean Ancelet

Memoires from Metairie: 3 Students from the Metairie Park Country Day School Tell Their Stories - Adeem Nachabe, Jessica Cohn-Phillips, and Amelia Kish

Political Pomp: Political Storytelling in Louisiana- C. Renee Harvison

Still Laughing to Keep from Crying: Black Humor - Mona Lisa Saloy

The Stories of the Old People: Native American Storytelling - H. F. "Pete" Gregory

Taking Cajun Identity on the Road: Vacation Stories from Terrebonne Parish - Shana Walton

Storytelling Traditions in Louisiana - C. Renee Harvison

Swapping Stories in Louisiana - Maida Owens and Carl Lindahl

Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana - Carl Lindahl, Maida Owens, and C. Renee Harvison

Time and Lowland Louisianans: Time Perspectives in College Student Narratives of their Hurricane Katrina Experiences - Donna Bonner

An Urban Legend: Workers Buried in a Concrete Piling of the U.S. 190 Mississippi River Bridge - from the Smiley Anders column, Baton Rouge Advocate

Voices of Louisiana: Quotations from Louisiana Folk

Tradition Bearer Profiles: Oral Traditions

Keeping It Alive—Mary Jackson Jones and Herman Jackson: Choctaw Language

Ritual Traditions

A Kinder, Gentler St. Nicholas: Transformation and Meaning in a "Louisiana German" Tradition - Rocky L. Sexton

Asserting Tradition: The Building and Maintenance of African-American Baptist Rock Ceremony in Northeast Louisiana - Janet L. Sturman

Charlene Richard: Folk Veneration Among the Cajuns - Marcia Gaudet

Charlene Richard: Narrative, Transmission, & Function of a Contemporary Saint Legend - Donna McGee Onebane

Christmas Bonfires In South Louisiana: Tradition And Innovation - Marcia Gaudet

Christmas Eve Bonfires & The Mayor - William F. Fagan

Contemporary Cauchemar: Experience, Belief, Prevention - Katherine Roberts

Cultural Catholicism in Cajun-Creole Louisiana - Marcia Gaudet

Dance for a Chicken: The Cajun Mardi Gras- Pat Mire

Decorating for the Shrimp Fleet Blessing: Chauvin, Louisiana - Betsy Gordon

"Discovering Le Saint Suaire: Cajun Spirituality and an Unauthorized Devotional." - Anne Frugé

Emerging New Orleans Mardi Gras Traditions: The St. Joan of Arc Parade and the Red Beans Krewe, 2010 - Frank de Caro

Field Notes on All Saints' Day, 1985 and 1986 - Rosan Augusta Jordan and Frank de Caro

Folk Belief and Healing: Introductory Remarks on this Issue - Carolyn Ware

French Louisiana Traiteurs - Julia Swett

A Good Friday Tradition: The Nine-Church Pilgrimage - Lisa Holzenthal Lewis

How Sweet It Is: The Louisiana Sugar Cane Fair and Festival. - Cherry Levin

"I Read the Rules Backward": Women, Symbolic Inversion, and the Cajun Mardi Gras Run - Carolyn E. Ware

Knowing How to Bury Your Dead: The Significance of the Post-Burial Home Visit - Keagan LeJeune

La Quiñceanara: Towards an Ethnographic Analysis of a Life-Cycle Ritual - Norma Elia Cantú

The Life of a Healer. - Rebecca Begnaud

"Like A River Flowing with Living Water:" Worshiping in the Mississippi Delta - Joyce Marie Jackson

Louisiana Celebrations Rooted in Tradition - Jane Vidrine

The Moon Festival and Other Vietnamese Traditions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. - Cecelia Vo

Neither Spared nor Spoiled: The Mardi Gras Chase in Choupic, Louisiana - Madeline Domangue Cagle

The Performance Ritual of Saint Joseph's Day: A Stranger at the Door - Leslie A. Wade

The Pine Island Apparition: Cajun Values Revealed - Wendy Whelan-Stewart

Ritual Spaces in Traditional Louisiana Communities: Italian, Nicaraguan, and Vietnamese Altars - Carolyn Ware

The Saint Ann Shrine in New Orleans: Popular Catholicism in Local, National, & International Contexts - David C. Estes

St. Expedito’s Role in South Louisiana Catholicism, in New Orleans and in the Italian-American Community near Independence, Louisiana - Karen Williams

"Take Me to the Water:" African American River Baptism - Annie Staten and Susan Roach

The St. Joseph's Day Altar Tradition In Monroe - Stephanie Pierrotti and Madelyn Boudreaux

Traditional Medicines - Shari Miller and Miriam Rich

Traiteurs and Their Power of Healing: The Story of Doris Bergeron - Ellen M. Daigle

The Transformation and Healing Power of the Labyrinth: An Emerging Vernacular Belief Community - Maida Owens

The Varieties of Mardi Gras - Frank de Caro

'You Gotta Go Crazy Before You Can Be a Minister' Accessing a Speaking Role in the Primitive Baptist Church - Susan Roach

Folklore and Literature

In His Own Hand: The Correspondence of Edmond G. Landry from Carville, Louisiana- Claire Manes

Gaines' Fifteen Narrators: Narrative Styles and Storytelling Technique in A Gathering of Old Men - Marcia Gaudet

Louisiana Foodways in Ernest Gaines's A Lesson Before Dying- Courtney Ramsay

Perceptions and Misconceptions in James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux Novels - Patricia Gaitely

"Performing Fiction(s)/Performing Folklore: "Magical Realism" as a a Literary Trope/Folklore as Embedded Belief" - Elaine J. Lawless

"Zora Neale Hurston on River Road: Portrait of Algiers, New Orleans, and Her Fieldwork" - Mona Lisa Saloy

Public Folklore and Documentation Tools

Cemetery Preservation Guide - Sheila Richmond

Cultural Tourism in Cajun Country: Shotgun Wedding or Marriage in Heaven? - Barry Jean Ancelet

Documenting Quilting: Model Questions for Interviews - Susan Roach

Festival, Cultural Tourism, and the Louisiana Folklife Program- Maida Owens

Fieldwork Basics Overview- Paddy Bowman, Sylvia Bienvenu, and Maida Owens

Government Gives Tradition the Go-Ahead: The Atchafalaya Welcome Center's Role in Hurricane Katrina Recovery - Jocelyn H. Donlon & Jon G. Donlon

Guidelines For Preservation Of Ethnographic Field Collections

In the Wake of the Hurricanes Research Coalition: A History - Susan Roach

In the Wake of the Storms - John Laudun

Is "Folk" a Four-Letter Word?- John Laudun

Keeping It Alive: Cultural Conservation through Apprenticeships- Sheri Dunbar and Maida Owens

Learning from Your Community: Folklore and Video in the Schools, A Classroom Curriculum for Grades 4-8 - Gail Matthews-DeNatale and Don Patterson

Louisiana Folklore Miscellany Index - Marcia Gaudet, ed.

Louisiana Voices Educator's Guide

Mardi Gras and the Media: Who's Fooling Whom - Barry Jean Ancelet

Oral History, Folklore, and Katrina - Alan H. Stein and Gene B. Preuss

Saving Your Own House: Folk Culture and Mitigation - H.F. "Pete" Gregory

Vernacular Power: The Social and Cultural Immplications of Katrina and Rita - Barry Jean Ancelet

Selluloid Myth Takes: “We’ve Been Framed!” -- Louisiana in the Movies." - Jon Donlon

Essays for Students

Cajun Wedding Traditions (For 4th graders)

Conducting An Interview (For 8th Graders)

The Hungarians of Louisiana: An Overview (For 8th Graders)

It's a Very Pink Day in My Neighborhood: Spanish Town, Baton Rouge (For 8th Graders)

Louisiana's Three Folk Regions (For 8th Graders)

What is Folklife and Why Study It? (For 8th Graders)